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Addicted to Interfaces: Jackie Says No!

Ok, so I previously stated that adding ‘Impl’ to the end of your service implementation would get you on my ‘people to kill list’, and that was all I had to say. Well, although I don’t have anything original to … Continue reading

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Java lacks multiple inheritance of implementation because it’s not necessary?

Java itself isn’t ‘necessary’. But it is useful. Is multiple inheritance (of implementation) dangerous? Well, even a spoon can be dangerous in the hands of a moron. How about “Because there is a better way without multiple inheritance.” – spoken absolutely? … Continue reading

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Java is always pass by value

Ok, so this is explained ad infinitum elsewhere on the net. It is also, however, a question (is <some language> pass by reference or value?) asked over and over again by newbies. I’m not going to explain the differences between the … Continue reading

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Micro-embedded Java DSL with fluent interface

Here’s a teeny-weeny embedded DSL used to perform password validation. It was created to rationalise existing validation routines as part of a wider piece of work – so it’s perhaps better, but not perfect.   Here’s the client code making … Continue reading

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Boy-scout refactoring

I recently had a puzzling discussion with another  developer regarding refactoring; more specifically the use of private methods – he didn’t like them, favouring giant public methods which presumably require a whole load of inline comments to explain what they’re doing at … Continue reading

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Java 6 IKM test

I had to do a Java 6 IKM test the other day. I thought i’d post the result sheet up because it looks whizzy. You’ll notice that there are two scores – a percentage and a percentile. I think that the … Continue reading

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