Sunday nugget 002: There is no such thing as a ‘BDD test’

Neater_9975Using JBehave or Cucumber (or whatever) does not make a test a ‘BDD test’. There is no such thing as a BDD test.

BDD is a way of developing, just like TDD (albeit typically at a more abstract level). Frameworks like JBehave and Cucumber can aid you in your behaviour driven development.

Labelling arbitrary tests ‘BDD tests’ just because you used a given/when/then syntax, completely misses the point of BDD – and devalues any real BDD that you might be doing.

And finally, as an aside, if you value your ‘BDD tests’ for any living specification they offer – then that living specification is precious! Don’t ruin it with tests which don’t serve that function in a clear and concise manner. Especially if the only reason you’re adding those tests is because ‘we do BDD’.

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