Java 6 IKM test

I had to do a Java 6 IKM test the other day. I thought i’d post the result sheet up because it looks whizzy.

You’ll notice that there are two scores – a percentage and a percentile. I think that the percentile is the important one, as 2 people can get the same percentage accuracy while one answers much harder questions due to the adaptive nature of the test (plus time might play some part in the percentile score too).

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 22.27.40

It’s hard. Way harder than the SCJP or whatever Oracle call it these days. I had the advantage of being able to bone-up over the weekend as I was expecting this test to come my way.

It’s an adaptive test which means that the difficulty adjusts on-the-fly depending on how well you are performing. This makes it a better test, but BEWARE… because of this you cannot skip a question and return to it later.

There can be up to four (if I remember correctly) correct answers out of 5-ish options, and the points you get for your answer will depend on how close your chosen answer/s are to the correct answer. This means that, for example, you may score partial credit for selecting a reasonable, even though incorrect answer. In the same way you will score negatively for selecting an entirely nonsense answer. I like this mechanism as it accounts for random guesses, while rewarding partial understanding with partial credit.

There was a time limit of about 2 hours.

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10 Responses to Java 6 IKM test

  1. pl says:

    the test will not guarantee you to be a real life coding champion anyway….its very much scjp thing which any school boy can pass… of luck at work place !

    • Aaron Shaw says:

      There is no pass/fail – a 97th percentile score, for example, shows that one did better than 97% of everyone else who’s ever taken the test. It’s a tool to help people to recruit to a certain standard without necessarily creating an artificial scarcity of developers.
      I’ve found it useful in the past when recruiting; we set the threshold at 85% and then moved it up or down depending on the quality of candidates we were interviewing after having ‘passed’ the IKM test.

      It is certainly not something ‘any school boy’ can ‘pass. The questions get harder if you do better, and as such, your hypothetical school boy will be competing against 10 year veterans to see who scores better – there is no pass / fail mark that both will achieve.

      All that aside, knowledge of language & coding is the most trivial and unimportant part of software development in most situations.

  2. Anonymous says:

    which of the folowing retunrs a scalar from dbms?

    what the fuck isthis questin who is the motherfucketr who desinged this?

  3. nitesh says:

    Is there any dumps or question for this exam.
    I have exam on 2nd June

    • Aaron Shaw says:

      No, I don’t – IKM are understandably protective of their exam content.

      Moreover, I’m sick and tired of working alongside incompetent pretenders – so I wouldn’t provide any ‘dumps’ even if I could.

      If you just want an example question or two, so that you know what kind of questions to expect, then again I don’t have any. I don’t think that they would be of any use anyway because of the adaptive nature of the test – the better you do the harder and more obscure the questions get.

      Just learn core Java as per the JLS and you’ll do the best you can. I don’t think there is really any other particular strategy to adopt.

      • M.J. Gallego says:

        “Moreover, I’m sick and tired of working alongside incompetent pretenders – so I wouldn’t provide any ‘dumps’ even if I could.”

        Lol. Great stuff!

        I’ve just did a Java7 one and got a slightly better percentile with a slitghtly lower score.

        **Edited by Aaron Shaw 21:49**

        Good effort.
        That’s interesting to hear – it implies (perhaps?) that maybe you answered harder questions which were weighted sufficiently to offset the fact that you got a lower percentage?

        To be honest I’m not sure what the percentage is for if the percentile is the relative measure of competence among test takers :s

  4. Mark says:


    First of all , congradulations for such a great score.
    I am supposed to appear for the JAva6 IKM exam tomorrow. Would be real nice, if I get just some inputs from you.
    Does the exam covers Java6 basics, like the topics I can see in your result sheet, or does it contains questions related to JEE also.

    Would be a real favor
    Thank You

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